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1. 뜻

Eqaul의 의미를 갖고 있다. 의미가 확장되면서 시간과 원인을 나타내는 의미로도 쓰인다.

2. 전치사

2.1. ~대로, ~처럼

Do as I say. Think as I think. Tom was late as unsual.

2.2. ~처럼

As you know, I have to go now. As I mentioned above, we will meet at six.

2.3. ~할때, ~하면서

As I stood, the door opened. Things are changed, as time has passed.

2.4. ~때문에

As It was getting late, I had to leave for home. As Tom was tired, he went to bed early.

2.5. 비교문 (~처럼)

I can run as fast as you can. The results were as good as I had expected.

3. 전치사

3.1. ~로서

We used the stone as a chair. I told him as a father.

3.2. ~일때

As a young man, Tom enjoyed his life. John had often been ill as a child.

4. 부사

4.1. ~같이

His voice is as sweet as honey.

4.2. 예를들어

Spring flowers, as the magnolia. Mammals, as the bear on lion.

5. 참조